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06 February 2037 @ 11:01 pm

Just add me then drop a comment and I'll most likely add you back. I just ask that we have something in common whether it be hockey, tv fandom, or music... just something. :)

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06 February 2009 @ 10:52 pm
Stolen from escarpmentblues

Who is your favorite NHL Team?

Your most hated NHL team?

Ever been to an NHL game?

Are you a season ticket holder?

Your Stanley Cup Prediction for this year?

Who's going to be the rookie of the year?
Mason, but I want Wheels or Doughty.

How about MVP?
Um. Malkin, maybe. Vinny Lecavalier, Martin St. Louis, Tim Thomas and Marc Savard all come to mind too.

What are your traditions when going to a game?

What are your traditions when watching a game on TV?
For B's games, I always have to be in my chair with my dog.

Do you play hockey as well?
Nah. Not anymore.

What is your most hated stereotype about your team or your teams fans?
Um, I've heard a couple of things. I guess most common is that we play dirty cause we have some big hitters.

How many times has your team won the Stanley Cup?
The old time Sens won like 11...

Made it to the Cup Finals in the last 10 seasons?
I don't believe so.

Which team, in your eye, is the best in the league?
Bruins, obviously.

What team(s) do you think will be the One(s) To Watch over the next few seasons?
Hawks or B's.

What or who made you interested in hockey?
My cousins.

How many jerseys do you own?
Savvy home jersey, Thomas home jersey, Krejci home jersey, Crosby home jersey, Lecavalier away jersey.

Is your room decorated with your favorite team?
Yeah. Theres a lot of Crosby in there too.

Is anyone else in your family a hockey fan?

Do you enjoy the fights?
I love the fights.

Have you ever met any pro players?
Some B's.

Have you got any NHL player autographs?
A few.

Have you ever caught a puck from the stands?
Yes. Savvy flips them over the glass near the end of warm ups.

Is Hockey your favorite sport?

Who's your 2nd Favorite team?
Tampa, I think. Its really a three way tie after the B's with Pens-Hawks-Bolts.

5 favorite NHL players?
David Krejci, Marc Savard, Vinny Lecavalier,

Hockey movie?
Slapshot or Miracle.

What players do you hate?
Jagr. Chris Pronger.

Boston Garden.

Julien, obv.

Fave Goalie?
Timmmaaaay. Or Mike Smith. Yum.

Fave d-man?

Pregame Song?
"Remember The Name" - Fort Minor.
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09 December 2008 @ 07:52 pm
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